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Expanding the Vintage Era!

Kustom Kemps Of America






July  29 - 30 - 31, 2016

Expo Center

 Inside (2) Air Conditioned Building’s, 300 ft. from The 36th Leadsled Spectacular Show Park  

Vintage Original, Repurposed, Retro Home Goods, Cowboy/Western, Victorian, Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decor, Vintage 40’s & 50’s Boutique Dress Apparel, Jewelry, Watch’s, Colored Bathtubs, Sinks, Stools, Stoves, & Fridge’s, Home Interior & Exterior Architectural Salvage Decor, Windows, Trim, Fencing, Patio furniture, Hotrod, Kustom and Antique Auto Speed Parts and Accessories. Anything Old, Used or Kool. Vendors Welcome!



Info.: 417-847-2940,


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July 27 2016

 First Ever!  


 First Annual 







Selling Finished, or

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If attending the Leadsled Spectacular, looking to buy or sell a Hotrod or Kustom vehicle, (no stockers, classic’s or antiques), this is the place.Wed. 7-23-16, 5:pm

Fees: Vehicle Reg. $150 g Bidders Fee $25 g 5% Seller & Buyer Sold Fees - ($400 Minimum) g Spectators-$10 (Registered Leadsled Spectacular Entrants Free)


Run Auction

Held @

Salina Auto Auction

2845 Centennial Rd., Salina, Kansas

Info.: 417-847-2940,


 Kustom Kemp Facebook


Posted: 1-22-16 


Entry Form Info.




Kustom Kemps Of America






Run-What-ya-Brung Drags


SALINA, KANSAS  - JULY 28-29-30-31 2016

 "America' Hotrodding Playground" -
Headquarters Motel: Ambassador Inn (785) 823-1739 

Every KUSTOMIZED 1969 & Older Hotrod, Kustom, & Drag Machine Welcome NO EXCEPTIONS Please 

Gassers - Hotrods - Dragsters - Leadsleds - Funny Cars - Kustoms - Muscle Cars - Vans - Vintage Trailers (Sorry, No Restored or Stock Appearing vehicles)

*1970 & Newer NCC's (New Concept Customs) Welcome if Non-Stock Body Appearing (see NCC details below)

 Must feature serious, noticeable Lowering & mild to full to radical kustom bodywork! Photo Required To Determine Approval Entry!

(Motor & under-carriage mods & changes appreciated but, NOT considered as body changes)   *NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE!

Entry Fee Hasn't Raised in 16 Years

Hangin' Out @ The  KKOA Village, NO. 3.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - EXPO Fairgrounds

Coming this February 19-20-21, 2016

A One-Off Gathering Space, Inside,

Where Real Traditional Hotrods & Kustoms Can Kongregate!

Posted 11-23-15

                Last year in Tulsa, at Darryl Starbird’s show, the KKOA clubhouse gang, and some of our true hotrodding kemper friends gathered together for a hangin’ out good time inside the monster size Expo hall. Yipes!..The place holds over a 1,000 rides. Big place man. 

                True, our Village only made up 1% of that number, but we drew big numbers from the spectators. I get a warm flashback just hangin’ around one real kustom, or fenderless hotrod.

                Yip, it was a real hoot. We had our own neighborhood of traditional hotrodding, inside the city limits of our own KKOA Village, anchored by a City Hall style KKOA T-Shirt/info. Booth. Our very own property for the weekend, where kempers could hangout with their kemp, away from the spectators, creating lots-a-jaw-jackin’ with fellow kempers and spectators.

                At the Village, we don’t judge and give out trophies! The Starbird show does, and they know how to judge real hotrods and kustoms but, at the Village we do “Gift Exchanges!!!” Example: If you have something layin’ around the house, shop, or garage you’re willing to sacrifice, like a lead paddle, maybe a 3-2 manifold, an old hubcap, or a kool steering wheel. And, you want to share it with a fellow kemper who has a kool ride in the Village, bring it and give it as a gift for them being kool, or for building a kool ride. Or, if you have no goodies, just kind words to the tell the owner why you dig their kemp. That’s easy enough.

                With last year’s 2nd KKOA Village is now in the history books, and this coming Feb. 19-20-21, the Starbird family has again asked KKOA to bring the Village back and, has offered space for as many rides as we need for a 3rd round. KKOA has accepted the offer, so guys and gals lets try to bump it from 1% to 2%, maybe 3, 4, or lets go for it! 5%. Hey, why not dream big. Keep in mind we’re talking’ pre-’69 ol’ skool real hotrods and kool kustoms. All post-’70 NCC kustoms need to be pre-approved by KKOA w/a photo. 

                Naturally there will be a show entry fee to help the Starbird’s pay the bills on the show. And, it can’t go without giving a big THANKS to the Starbird’s for the “special $5.00 discounted” entry fee, to all KKOA Village entrants. So don’t forget, when you enter on a regular Starbird entry form, BE SURE TO WRITE (on it somewhere)YOU’RE ENTERING THE KKOA VILLAGE, and subtract $5.00 from the entry fee shown.

                Also, being in the Village, you have the option, (or not), of being judged for the Starbird show awards. Just let them know at registration, or tell us in the KKOA booth you want to be judged and we’ll get you a show card that’ll let the show judge’s know.

                To get a ball park count on how many entrants are seriously planning to attend, a simple “I’m coming!”, phone call or email to the Starbird’s will help them to reserve a space for the Village, and a with a floor plan to accommodate the rest of the show. 

                I want to invite everyone who might want to enjoy a winter getaway. You're of major importance to the traditional rodding cause, and our last year positive support in Tulsa has proven that a 3rd annual KKOA Village is good for the cause.

                Here’s another kicker! If you’re planning on coming there’s a nice & reasonable motel located ON the EXPO fairgrounds, just 200 ft. from the show. It’s the Inn at Expo Square, 4531 E. 21st St., ph.: 918-858-3775.

                If you need more info. just drop me a line by email:, or call me @ 417-847-2940,  I’ll be glad to talk about the details. - As Bill Haley & the Comets wailed,…“See’ya later alligator” in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Darryl Starbird’s 52nd, National Rod and Custom Show, and Rockin’ Billy Bash, Feb. 19-20-21, ’16. Be Therrrrre…





posted 10-21-15

To get started, first a person has to be nominated. And, it’s fairly easy
with a letter, fax, or email sent to the KKOA Clubhouse.
(sorry, no phone calls, or Facebook)
It can be done if that person is their-self, but usually it’s by a friend,
relative, or fan that believe’s the person they’re nominating deserves it.
Sounds way easy, but super hard to back-up! The person being
nominated must be one who accepts, and digs automobile body
kustomizing on any make, model, or year, car and trucks, 24-7, 
365 days a year. Kindly let us re-state that to be very clear!!!



A piece of cake if you know you’er in that category, or if you know 
someone w/those credentials.To be eligible for nomination, and become a member, there’s no agebracket. It can be a male or a female.

A professional or weekend warrior
kustom builder, a automotive artist, pinstriper, kustom interior person,
journalist, painter, retailer. It can be any person who promotes the
world of automotive kustomizing 100% Even a kustom enthusiast who can’t
build a kustom for whatever reason, so they pay the bill’s
to have one built for them.

            The edge anyone of the above mentioned can have is the amount of
enthusiasm and high school spirit one has to promote, or has
promoted to the world of automotive kustomizing.

           But, that don’t mean they have to flaunt it, and stand around and brag
about it. There’s people who don’t like the spotlight, but are super
talented, and promote their passion with what they do quietly.

We’re sure someone will notice and let us know. Just as many have.
What we need here at the KKOA clubhouse on a possible nominee is
information about the person. Kustom back-ground history. Years of
experience isn’t as important as amount of credits and enthusiasm.

            From what is sent  us, we research and use your info. to discuss
with KKOA officials, and eventually use as
material to determine a nominee.

            After the 8-10 nominee’s are selected from all received by April 1, by 
KKOA Staff & Officials, we here at KKOA print the received nominee
info. into equal size paragraphs, to be fair to each nominee, and send
them to all living KKOA Hall of Fame members, asking them to pick
their top three nominee’s. Plus, we also send the nominee list to
selected magazine editors, and KKOA officials for their votes. Once all
the votes are in, they are counted and the top two voted nominee’s
become the inductee’s for that year.

            Winners will not be notified, or announced publicly until Friday eve. at
the Leadsled Spectacular Tonite Show in Salina, Kansas. All nominee’s
are encouraged to be there, but need not be present to be inducted.

            That’s how it’s done, and now we’re encouraging fellow KKOA 
members to help us find those unsung hero’s of our kustom world,
simply by sending us your nomination. - ed. @ KKOA





…….SAY JULY 28-29-30-31, 2016…….

Text: Matt “lead-paddle” Willis

                We’ve been receiving contacts regarding info. about the Leadsled Spectacular activities, and when it is. So, here’s a lil’ history trippin’ about the event, and a sampling of what to expect to do and see.

                After traveling to different U.S. cities for 24 years, the Kustom Kemps of America (KKOA), decided to move the, by then, legendary Leadsled Spectacular permanently to Salina, Kansas in 2004, and was met with overwhelming success.

            Now, moving up to July 28, 2016, and the 12th consecutive year of being in Salina (center of lower 48 U.S. States). City municipalities, Local business’s and resident’s, will once again, roll out the welcome mat to hotrodders for the 36th celebration of America’s oldest kustom car & truck event (always held on the last Thur.-Fri. Sat. & Sun. in July). A once in a lifetime opportunity to see and experience the ‘koolest kustomized kemps’ on wheels, coming together NATIONWIDE, to be a part of this Spectacular 4-day event.

            The longevity and popularity of the event, has gained worldwide attention. And, has grown to engulf the entire city, plus all of the local and surrounding motels, two giant city parks, a million dollar concert theatre, the main drag of Salina (Santa Fe Ave.) and the nationally famous Cozy Inn Burger (voted one of the top 100 hamburger carry-outs in America).

            Spectacular action cranks-up Thur. eve. with the popular Sundown Cruise on Santa Fe Avenue, where registered bicycler’s, and hot-rodders make passes up and down the famed strip in front of 1,000’s of sidewalk, and roof-top spectators. Like the movie “American Graffiti”, time reels back to 1962 for two hours

            Show and shine happens for three days on the beautiful 26 acre Oakdale Park where an estimated 2,000-+ pre-1969 Kustoms, Hotrods, Leadsleds, Drag Machines and their owners are expected to hang-out and tire-kick about their rides and check out the many automotive, swap, and food vendors.

            Popular Hollywood & TV stars, will make personal appearances daily. Spectators always enjoy watching the two, $1,000, 2-age group (18-39 and 40-+) Pin-Up & Lookers Beauty Contest’s on stage Fri. & Sat., that’ll be  hosted by singing MC, Eddie Valen from Branson, Missouri.

                Kids of all ages, flip-out over the super popular vintage and kustom Bicycle Spoke-tacular show & shine with over 200 two-wheel memory trip’s inside Oakdale. Celebrating 6 years and growing.

                A major highlight of the event, is always the personal appearance of the KKOA Hall of Fame Kustomizers like, Darryl Starbird, Jack Walker, Gene Winfield, George Barris, John D’Agostino, Gary Minor, Jeff Myers, Bill Moore, Chuck Miller, Keith Dean, Bill Hines, and many more.

                Always a big hit with hotrodders and spectators is the many attractions at Oakdale during the show! The early bird Wednesday freebie cook-out’s @ Rocky’s Garage in Wichita, and Thursday @ Bright Built Rods & Restorations. The KKOA & Jalopy Journal Mercury Gathering. The surprising to entrants KKOA Hourly Awards (like who has the koolest tailights? Grille?, Trick Paint?, get the point?). The variety of vendors/swappers, souvenir event goodies, along with a Pin Striper Panel jam & charity auction. The Mini-Merc Hunt. Plus, the annual giant Model Car & Truck Spectacular, presented by the K.C. Slammers Car Club. Two stages of live Rock & Roll and Rock-A-Billy music from three bands, and the beat goes on. 

                Drawing big crowds, is the top-chopping, and sectioning action of two Oakdale Park sheltered kustom shops, featuring the Backyard Yard Gang in the KKOA Shop, and the Godzilla Garage, featuring world famous California customizers, like Bill Hines and Keith Dean, with “America’s Glass Cutter”, Paul Rick.

            On Friday afternoon, at Salina’ old Airport, now turned E. Crawford Ball Park, 1/8th mile run-what’ya-brung-drag-races fire up, along with special exhibition passes by professional drag machines. All happenning on the old runway in front of 1,000’s of cheering race fans. What’s kool is there’s no lights & no clocks, just a flagman on the start and finish lines. Any Leadsled Spectacular entrant can make passes till the sun sets. Ol’ skool hotrodding at its koolest.

            After a big day at Oakdale on Saturday, it’s time to grab a Cozy Burger, and get ready to relive the Las Vegas style ROCK & ROLL SPECTACULAR Concert, inside the retro cool, Stiefel Theatre, featuring famous tribute artists of the golden era of R & R, and Rock-a-billy.

                Starting off Sunday right, center stage at Oakdale, it’s always the annual Christian Rod & Custom Club church service. Followed at 1:pm, by the Spectacular $5,000 in cash awards, the coveted $1,000 “777 Custom Crown Award” for “America’s Top Kustom”, and the select Top 25 awards. Ending with final goodbyes, and a safe trip home.

                The Spectacular is growing at such a tremendous rate, regular’s who have been attending, suggest to newcomers, book lodging early. Real early, like as soon as you read this. If something pops up that’ya can’t make it, just cancel, there’ll be somebody needin’ a room. For entry or motel listing info: Call the KKOA Clubhouse, 417-847-2940, Web:, email:, or Kustom Kemps Facebook. The clubhouse guys and gals will be happy to help.

                If you dig the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s era of American Graffitti Hotrodding, and the Happy Daze culture of those era’s, don’t cheat yourself of experiencing this unbelievable event.

                Just in case you’re wondering, a “Kustom Kemp” is hip, slang talk used by kool teenagers in the 50’s and early 60’s to indicate a kustomized car or truck. The word “kemp” gained national attention in the late-1950’s on a popular detective TV series, called “77 Sunset Strip”, featuring teen idol, “Edd “Kookie” Byrnes, who used the word often, and had a million selling song with Connie Stevens, called “Kookie Kookie Lend Me Your Comb.”. Plus, the word “Kemp” appeared many times in the popular 25-cent newsstand hotrodding magazine titled, “Rod & Custom.” See’ya in Salina… Always the last Thur.-Fri.-Sat. & Sun. in July.




If you're a current KKOA member you can advertise your kustoms for sale on-line, for free. All we need is your ad/photo e-mailed to us at,, and we'll place it on-line in less then 48 hours (most of the time within 24 hours). Also, if you want a picture with your ad, simply scan it in jpeg format and send it w/your ad. Or, if you want to U.S. Mail us a ad w/photo we'll get it on as soon as we get it. Non-KKOA members can also place a ad w/a picture for only $10 per ad, w/a photo.
All ads will run for a minimum of 30 days, or longer w/space available. For even quicker service, Visa, or Mastercard is accepted on either of our security-safe membership page, or events page of this website. Once on, in the bottom "comment" box, simply type in "Ad for 4-Sale Page." Mailing by postal service send to: KKOA 26 Main St., Cassville, MO. 65625. Additional info. can be obtained by calling KKOA at: (417) 847-2940

Extra bonus! All ads received will also be placed in the next immediate issue of the Trendsetter magazine that's mailed to every KKOA member.

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