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Text: DeVona @ KKOA

Hey girls, we're getting lots of interest in the (2) $1,000 Beauty Contests, so without further a do here's the "facts & nothin' but the facts Mam", as Jack Webb on TV's 50's hit "Dragnet" series used to say!!!

Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA)
July 25-26-27, 2014 - Salina, Kansas

    Thank you for your interest in participating in the Pin Up, or Lookers Beauty Contest's. KKOA has been presenting these contests in conjunction with its 1940's, 50s,and 60's style hotrodding events for several years in Kansas, Wisconsin and Texas with overwhelming success. The Lookers contest is new this year due to popular request. Each contest will have a $1,000 cash purse, split into three cash awards. $500, $300, $200.
    These contests are being held on Fri, and Sat. for all contestant's, and Sun. for the six winners. The contests will be held on the Main Stage of Oakdale Park in Salina, Kansas, as part of the annual KKOA Leadsled Spectacular hotrodding show weekend (always the last fri. Sat. & Sun. of July). Show hours: 9:am-5:pm, Fri. & Sat., 9:am-1:pm Sun. The Beauty Contests start around noon.
    A Pin-Up & Lookers Meet & Greet tent booth will be set-up for contestants, prior to the contest times each day, so to meet the general public, and for show car owners who may ask you to pose by their cars or trucks. Keep in mind that national newsstand magazine editor's will be covering the event, and shooting lots of pictures.

*Pin-Up Contestant's * must be between 18 through 39 years of age,
and dress reminiscent of the 1940's-'50's & early '60's, Pin-up & Cowgirl era.
* Lookers Contestant's * must be 40 - + years of age (no limit),
and dress reminiscent of the 1970's retro era through current 2014 year dress code.

First and Foremost be assured that this is a beauty contest, and not a burlesque show.
KKOA has proudly produced 100's of family oriented hotrodding events for 30-+ years.
    Contestants will be organized & hosted by Merideth Highsmith (former pin-up contestant), and you will be introduced by the host MC, Eddie Valen, to come on stage and make a posing parade pass around the stage. He will then ask each girl 4-5 non-political questions! Example: Who is your favorite singer, and why?, favorite movie, favorite American state or town, favorite sports, TV or Movie star, favorite car or truck of show, etc. (Helpful hint! Remember the era you're depicting). Eddie is a 100% gentleman, friendly, and a professional Las Vegas, Branson, and Casino singer/songwriter/entertainer, and he will make you feel very comfortable while on stage.
    For your convenience there is a shared, a/c cooled, dressing room available back stage, prior to show-time. Shown Below is the judging criteria for the judges to consider and grade by.


    Criteria was created by Carmen Orlowski, Pin-up Host for the KKOA contest in Wisconsin. Judge's will be grading each contestant based on the below six categories. Each contestant will be scored on a 1-10 scale (no decimal points) with 10 being the best score. Individual categories will be tallied and the winner determined by who has the most total points. In case of a tie, the ‘Overall Impression’ category will be used as the tie breaker.

Sample KKOA Judging Card

ENTRANT NAME_____________________________No.____________
1.____HAIR/MAKEUP – Is hair/makeup well done and reminiscent of the era contest entered?
2.____OUTFIT – Pin Up Dress code can be retro like Betty Grable or Marilyn Monroe, or Cowgirl style like Annie Oakley, or Patsy Cline. Lookers can dress 70's disco, hip '80's & 90's, or current 21st century style.

    Is outfit well put together and reminiscent of the contest era, and appropriate? Full 50's, through current year style bathing suits suitable. (points will be subtracted for exposed belly buttons, exposed garters/bras, extra short mini-skirts or lingerie…(most likely this would be seen ahead of time and contestant would be asked to change).         Remember it's a family friendly contest.

3.____STAGE PRESENCE/POISE – Does the contestant carry herself well and with confidence on stage?
4.____POSES – Did the contestant remember to do all 3 poses? Were the poses classy, unique and of the era appropriate? Did she hold the poses long enough and confidently? (points will be subtracted if contestant lifts skirt to show garter or exposes herself in any way)
5.____PERSONALITY/QUESTION-ANSWER – Was the contestants answer thoughtful and unique and did her personality shine through as opposed to just a generic answer? (points will be detracted for any vulgarity)
6.____OVERALL IMPRESSION – Take all the categories into consideration and give a overall score.
Additional info. call: DeVona @ KKOA, (417) 847-2940, email:

Good Luck, be kool, and look kooool. - KKOA

Posted July 3, 2014
More KKOA Leadsled Spectacular 2013
As Seen Through the Eyes of a Chick Named "Pony Girl." - Part (2)

Run-What 'Ya-Brung-Drags!

    There's a reason the KKOA has been the authority on keeping it real for over 30 years, they do a show and they do it right. As if the Leadsled Spectacular car show wasn't enough to blow your quest for old school cool into the stratosphere the KKOA kept the show going with the Run What Ya Brung drag races that were held on Friday night.    These races were as Old School as it get's, held at an abandoned airstrip (old Salina airport runway, and same strip they used in the 50's for bigtime drag races). There wasn't a christmas tree in sight and there were no "e.t.'s and top speed was anybody's guess. Each set of cars were waved down the track and ran flagman to flagman. Gene Winfield even got in on the action. I've got to tell you, watching Gene Winfield wave 'em down the track was worth the price of admission alone.
    These races were exactly as the name says, any qualifying ride and I mean ANY could take a rip down the strip. It was Gassers, Kustoms, Street Rods, Classics and a few uncategorizable. Every last one of them putting on an awesome show. And to cap off the runs, the return lane was just a few feet away from the stands, it really made you feel part of the action. Watching the drivers get high fives from the fans was awesome. It felt like you just got a bunch of your buddies together and decided to tear it up on a Friday night, there was a homespun purity to the whole event. A throwback like I've never experienced.
    It seemed like the entire town of Salina was out on a warm Kansas Friday night, with the wind blowing off the plains, with the oldies cranking on the loud speakers and some of the koolest vintage drag racing going. Friends, it just doesn't get any better that that! See'ya in Salina - Pony Girl

KKOA Leadsled Spectacular 2013
As Seen Through the Eyes of a
Chick Named "Pony Girl!"

    Tue, 06 Aug 2013: Sometimes my Kats and my Kittens it's all in a name. Me thinks the folks at KKOA, that's Kustom Kemps of America for the 2 or 3 of you out there that didn't know, me thinks the folks at KKOA were on to something when they named their event the Leadsled Spectacular, cause friends, it was SPEC TAC U LAR. Fat City baby, Koolsville with a capital KOOL!
    Now I had it on good authority that this was going to be a great show, but friends, I was blown away and we know this wasn't my first rodeo. Say Salina, say sensational, say KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, say it was a BLAST!
    How can you beat sharing airspace with Gene Winfield, Connie Stevens and over 2,000 of the koolest Kemps going. It was Kustoms, Classics, Rods and then some. It's hard to exactly put my finger on it, but each ride was IT and then some, always with a twist.  KKOA wasn't about bigger or better; it was about "Kreativitity" at its finest and individuality that won me over. Put a stamp on it, KKOA knows Kustoms, KKOA knows Kool and KKOA knows how to host a swinging shindig like no other.

    I will be revisiting this show, and if you go, you'll see what I mean, it was an off the charts rolling display of automotive artistry, and a menagerie of Mercs.
    I've never been to the Wheat State before but I'm venturing a guess that Kansas and Salina in particular are never as Kool as when the KKOA'ers roll into town. Cast an eyeball, these babies are Kruzin' low and slow. When you have over 2,000 cherry chariots you just gotta let them speak for themselves.

    Now try this on, I drove 1,440 miles round trip to Salina and while there I took1442 pictures. A picture for each mile with 2 to spare! Krazy stuff. It was kismet baby; couldn't have done that if I tried. It's a feast for the eyes and a balm for the hot rod soul.
    Check out the KKOA site (, to get the skinny on their organization, which is awesome and their shows which are awesomer. I'm booked for the 2014 Leadsled Spectacular, and I highly suggest you do the same. Kemps are Kool INDEED!

Keep on Kruzin
Pony Girl -KruzinUSA
aka: Kristin Mason

Posted: 6-23-14

Every Hotrodder Knows, and She's Coming to Salina!

Every hotrodder knows who "Laurie Henderson" is!!! Do what???? Come on now! What are'ya, some kinda square twerp? Daddy-O she was "Steve Bolander' "steady.
    Do what??? Who's Steve Bolander? Come on man, shape up, or ship out! Everyone knows Bolander is Class President of Dewey High, in San Francisco, California, and he drives the koolest of the kool, '58 Chevy Imapla, w/candy scallops at Mels Drive-In every Friday & Saturday night.
    Ok, if you're stumped, Steve Bolander in real life is award winning, actor, producer Ron Howard, aka: known to millions as the toe-headed young "Opie" of the Andy Griffith TV Show sitcom.
    Laurie Henderson, many, many millions of fans know as CINDY WILLIAMS, aka: "Shirley Feeney", of the monster TV sitcom, "Laverne and Shirley", with co-star Penny Marshall, aka: "Laverne De Fazio." The famed dual, was first introduced to TV viewer's on the "Happy Days" sitcom as a companion of "Fonzie", and became the beginning of a mega-size career for both Cindy and Penny.
    Have you figured out what I'm yappin' about yet? If not, you probably won't understand, or enjoy the resssst of this hot story I can't wait to tell you. My advice is, after you read all of this, go get a DVD of the brilliant movie "American Graffiti", and it'll all become clear as clear lacquer over 20 coats of candy apple red.
    Cindy Williams, is coming to the 34th KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, and joining two other co-stars of "American Graffiti", Bo Hopkins, and Candy Clark. How kool is that?

    As Joe of the Pharoahs, (Bo Hopkins) said to Curt Henderson (Richard Dreyfuss) in the movie, "Whataya doin' creep?" That means you better bring your 33-and-a-1/3, vinyl album of "American Graffiti", to the Spectacular and meet and greet the popular trio of the most popular hotrodding movie ever made.

See'ya In Salina, Kansas July 24-27,
or Joe might pound'ya. - "Slade" Derringer @ KKOA

Posted: 6-13-'14
"Joe" & "Debbie" Headin'
For the Center of the Lower-48!

    Could they be cruisin' in, in a chopped '51 Merc, or a white w/scallops '58 Impala? Or maybe both? We can only wish, but reality is they'll probably fly into Salina, Kansas on the silver bird due to their jammed-out appearance schedule.
    The two mega stars of every traditional hotrodder' most favorite movie, "American Graffiti", is coming to the 34th Leadsled Spectacular, and it's been a while since they last sat on our front porch and relived all the scene's of a typical one night in 1962.            The Queen of Innocence, "Debbie Medway, aka: Candy Clark, and the leader of the Pharoahs car club, "Joe", aka: Bo Hopkins, can't wait to get to the Spectacular and meet their many fans and
friends. So don't miss stoppin' by their booth and sayin' "Howdy."
    As they say in my Ozark hillbilly way, "Ma, we need to crank-up ol' Nelliebell, and head'er toward that thar Salina town to meet that thar hoodlum that ran-off with our Lulabell." Ok Pa, but if I ketch'ya lookin' at that Candy hussie, I'll quit fixin' your vittels, and shut'ya off at the pass. I dig the hillbilly way, and my kinda folks. J. T. @ KKOA

Say Salina, Say Spectacular
July 24-25-26-27.

Posted: June-13-'14


(And Bringin' the Film Crew!)

    KKOA and the hot TV show, Street Outlaws, on the Discovery Channel has just reached an agreement to come to Salina, Kansas and film at the 34th Leadsled Spectacular, and Run-What'ya-Brung-Drag-Races.
    Naturally, the popular stars of the show, Shawn, aka: 'Farm Truck', Azn, and the always favorite 'Farm Truck', with the barkin' dog will be takin' on all contenders.
    Since there will be a film crew on site, here's your chance to see all the live action before the actual TV time later on.

    It'll all happens Friday, July 25, startin' at 5:pm at the E. Crawford Park in Salina, Kansas till dusk. Next day, down at Oakdale Park where the big Leadsled Spectacular happens, the "Outlaws" will set-up a booth next to the Farm Truck, so you can check it out up close, and yes, get to pet the barkin' dog. Don't him, but he thinks he's runnin' neck-n-neck with Lassie.


Posted: 6-9-'14

The Latest & Hottest Kustom News From KKOA!

    Sometimes it comes a time when we can't, or you just don't want to walk 24 acre's! Like Oakdale Park in Salina, Kansas. So the solution is simple!!! Jump on a soft-seat scooter from Scooters & More, who'll be set up and vending at the Leadsled Spectacular this year. Reckon you can rent'em by the hour, day, or by the days.
    Fast becoming the hot ticket at BIG events held on large outdoor facilities, a mini-scooter gets you to where you wanna go with less steps.
But, you'er thinkin' you don't want to buy one and bring it to the show, because you just need it during show hours. No problem, just rent it from Scooters & More when you get there. If you want it all weekend, again, no problem. Andy & the guys will keep it charged-up and ready-teddy for you.
    The only thing required is you must be 21 years old, or show verification of disability. Minors under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. And, don't drive, or act like a bone-
head, or you'll be in a heap of trouble son.
    Here's the good part, you can reserve a scooter, or a whole gob of scooters ahead of time, in fact you can reserve one now, today, weeks before the Spectacular. In fact, it's good to reserve one in advance because Andy's haulin' trailer can only house so many scooters. And, with over 1,800 entrants at the Spectacular last year we know they'll be in demand.
    Here's how to reserve one! Call Andy: 214- 886-8439, or email:, and you can check'em out on line at

Do Some Butt Scootin' Boogin' this year in Salina!
@ the 34th KKOA Leadsled Spectacular
July 24-27, 2014 - Info.: 417-847-2940

Posted: 6-6-14


    Who don't dig old vintage bicycles? Maybe there's a few square's out there that don't, but for the majority those two-wheel, fat-tire pedal-pushers have a soft-spot in their heart. When you're mounted on that seat, holding on to the handle bars, you just removed 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years off your birth certificate. That feeling will never go away. And, it hasn't for many, because ol' skool bicycling is making its mark in the 21 Century BIGTIME brother.
    For guys, a kool 50's Western Flyer beats a Corvette roadster every time, when it comes to girl catchin'! And a bicycle built for two is a automatic winner, no matter if you look like Frankenstien. Now if you're hitched, ridin' with the twinkle-in-your-eye to the local ice parlor, it can set the stage for...well,...whatever later!
    So what are you waiting for? Why not whip upon a oldie but goodie, and join up with the many bicycle clubs poppin' up everywhere in God Bless America. Or, if you're a Lone Wolf, no club guy (or gal), why not make it to the up-coming 34th KKOA Leadsled Spectacular (L.S.), and hang out at the KKOA Bicycle Spoke-tacular with a few hundred other two-wheel fancier's. You won't be disappointed, just ask anyone who's been there since it became a big part of the Leadsled Spectacular.
    To enter the Spoke-tacular, all you need to do is come to the KKOA L.S. headquarters motel, the Ramada Inn/Ambassador, on west Crawford st. in Salina, Kansas. Starting on July 24, you can register your bicycle, and receive your No. and event passes.
    If you're planning on participating, don't miss a big highlight of the event! Riding your bicycle with the hotrods & kustoms in the SPECTACULAR CRUISE, Thursday eve @ 8:pm. on Salina's main drag, Santa Fe Avenue. 1,000's of sidewalk spectators.
Talk About A Hoot!
    Entry fees are: First/One Bicycle: $10.00 (1- weekend pass), Second Bicycle: $8.00 (1- more weekend pass), Third Bicycle: $5.00 (1- more weekend pass), All Additional Bicycle's: $1.00 ea. (no passes), Swap Meet Space (20' X 40'): $25.00 (1-weekend pass, additional passes $5.00 ea.)
    For additional information, contact bicycle connoisseur & event director Corey Conyer at this email address: He'll be glad to help you.
    Additional Info.: KKOA, 26 Main St., Cassville, MO 65625-9400, Phone: (417) 847-2940, Fax: (417) 847-3647, Email:

Kustom Kemps Of America
34th Leadsled Spectacular,
and Bicycle Spoke-tacular
July 24-25-26-27, '14

Oakdale Park, Salina, Kansas.
Don't miss being, or seeing it.

Posted 6-6-'14

    Street talk is boilin' about the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, 9th Annual Elden Titus Model Car & Truck Spectacular, in the big "S" (Salina, Kansas), and the reasons why is many!
- Pro's and hobby model builders are makin' the scene w/heavy weight, high end models.
- It's held on ground zero center of the big Spectacular.
- It's receiving nationwide magazine coverage.
- Models are judged by world famous kustom car builders (Barris, Bailon, Starbird, Winfield, Hines, D'Agostino, Titus and more).
- It's got a $500 Jackpot Prize.
- And, it's being organized & run by the straight-shootin' K. C. Slammer's Model Car Club.


Leadsled Spectacular - July 24-27 , 14 - Model Kemp Spectacular  - Sat. July 26, '14

Posted: June 3, 2014
Kustom Kemps Of America
Hall Of Fame Nominee's!
So Fine Nine!
(Listed In No Particular Order!)

Shown below is (9) highly qualified
KKOA Hall of Fame Nominee's
up for possible induction in the
Friday, July 25th - Salina, Kansas

Fresno, California Owner/Producer of the noted/late Fresno
Custom Car Autorama. Worked on building the Legendary
Dick Peters owned, Barris built "Ala Kart" '28 Ford pickup.

--- LARRY GROBE - aka: "VooDoo Larry" ---
Schaumburg, Illinois, traditional hotrodder, ol' skool builder,
designer, painter, striper. Many magazine covers & features,
and president/founder of the VooDoo Kings Car Club.

Kansas City, Mo., builds one-off kustom show rod creations,
and produces how-to-build-kustoms video's. His bubble-top
Rozwell Rod is a true classic amongst show rodkustoms.

--- ART HIMSL ---
Concord, California Art Himsl is one of America's finest designer's,
painter's, and pin striper's. '95 Builder of the Year-Grand National
Roadster Show. Center-fold Rolling Stone Mag. w/his Dodge hotrod.

--- JEFF MYERS ---
Arkansas City, Kansas, "Premier Body & Paint Shop." Starred on
"Monster Garage" with Starbird & Jessie James. His personal driver
is a layin' low, chopped '57 Caddy hardtop, layered in purple candy.

--- GARY "Chopit" FIOTO ---

La Habra, California, a total perfectionist kustomizer! Builds radical
chopped kustoms. Won the $20,000 jack-pot prize at Darryl Starbird'
giant Rod & Custom show w/his full bubble, ultra wild mid-50's Ford.

Wichita, Kansas, kustom car/hotrod builder, dedicated to helping fellow
hotrodders & friends as an official of KKOA (Kansas State Colonel).
The official flagman of the Leadsled Spectacular Drags for (9) years.

--- RON MYERS ---
Tulsa, Oklahoma, professional pinstriper/artist since 1958
Heads up the Pin Striping Leadsled Spectacular & Charity Auction.
Ron is in the class of Jefferies, Watson, Roth, Von Dutch & M.K. John.

--- DICK HUCKANS - aka: "The Bearded 1." ---

Sperry, Oklahoma, kustomizer, painter. Designed the Sox & Martin
paint scheme, built Jack Walker' Lyle Lake' famed '52 Buick clone.
Inducted into the Starbird Rod & Custom Hall of Fame & Museum.

Congratulations to each & every one nominated.
Due to their 100% effort to promote and
support the world of automotive kustomizing.
This in itself is a tremendous achievement
considering those also vying for the coveted shrine.
Certainly all "So Fine Nine" nominee's
are worthy of the induction.
However, following KKOA's 34 year tradition,
only two will be selected by votes cast by
the 47 living Hall of Fame Members,
and selected magazine/online editor's, and KKOA staff.

the KKOA Tonite Show - 8:45 PM, JULY 25th,
Center Court @ The Ramada Inn/ Ambassador Salina.
Open to all Leadsled Spectacular Entrants.
Don't Miss the
34th Leadsled Spectacular, July 24-27th, '14


Posted: 5-9-2014
Kustom Kemps Of America

Salutes America's TRUE Hero's!

God Bless'em Forever!
Get Set Fellow Hotrodders the Warriors
Are Coming To the Leadsled Spectacular!

Most Treasured Asset!
Text: Jerry Titus

    For those who may not know, a Wounded Warrior is a military person of the United States Armed Forces that's been wounded, or sadly killed.
   Many thanks to our buddy, and fellow KKOA member, Bob O'Connell. Now, because of his endless effort, the KKOA, (many members being veterans), is proud to announce that a group of Wounded Warriors will be in Salina, Kansas to help us celebrate the up-coming 34th Leadsled Spectacular, July 24-25-26-27, (Fri. & Sat. for the Warriors). What a privilege it is to even be considered as a host event for these truly American hero's.

    Stop, and think about this for a moment! The very best that we can do for them can't even come close to what they've given for us. Re-read that, and think about it. Think about their family and loved one's who share, or have shared their pain, suffering and re-adjustment to life.
    And, just imagine, if you're at the Spectacular you will be one of the choisen few that will be able to walk up to their booth and say "Thank you", and hopefully shake their hand, and maybe get a picture with them. Can you even comprehend that privilege?

    As mentioned Bob O'Connell is the gentleman who approached the KKOA about the idea, and will eventually spearhead the Spectacular on site operation, as they say in Army terms. Bob is a car guy, and one of America's finest (military career service), and through his helpful inside contacts with the U.S. Army helped make the Wounded Warrior's appearance in Salina get through the red tape it takes to make it happen. On our end here at KKOA we have assured the U. S. Army, and all involved that we will do everything we can to make these hero's feel welcome and comfortable during their time at the show.
    When Bob and KKOA were taking details early on, they both agreed that the Wounded Warriors couldn't come and be with a more respectful and patriotic group of guys and gals then the KKOA entrants. For me personally, I can't wait to shake their hands and say a simple "Thanks." They know exactly what you mean.

Kustom Kemps & Wounded Warriors Are Kool!
July 24-25--26-27, '14 - Salina, Kansas


Posted: April 22, '14
$18.00 BUYS YOU

Salina, Kansas

    We got'em in stock, and you'll hang on every exciting second-minute-and hour of the four day blast. We're hyped and yappin' about the kool sellin' 2013 Leadsled Spectacular VIDEO that covers the good-times of last July in Salina, Kansas. Definitely "America's Hotrodding Playground."

    Watch as low-down kustoms, wind-n-your-face-hotrods, pedal power vintage bicycles, 1-25 scale models, and bad boy drag machines jam-pack the two giant Salina City Parks, that just a few years back seemed like we could never grow out of, now we're bustin' at the seams. Check out these sampling's of the highlights!

Showtime @ beautiful Oakdale Park
1,800-+ Entrants
Thursday Evening Bight Built Party
Thursday Eve. Santa Fe Ave. Cruise
Legendary Kustomizers
Friday Drags on the Old Salina Airport
Beautiful Pin Up Ladies
Feature Sled/Owner Interviews
On site kustom chop shops
Hollywood Personalities
Thousands of Spectators
Much, Much, More!!!
All For $18.00
which includes postage & handling
To Get your Vintage Torque DVD write:
Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA)
26 Main, Cassville, MO 65625
Ph.: 417-847-2940, or Email:, 
Visa-Mastercard welcome.
KKOA Salutes John Wells, Travis Scanlan, and CAR ART for Video Production

SEE'YA IN SALINA  -  July 24-25-26-27, 2014

Posted: April-7-2014

AtomicHeads Are Building!!!
The New Life Line Of Kustomizing!
Jaw-jackin'from - Jerry Titus

    I feel good! No, wait,...I feel better'ern good! I feel the three "S's"! Secure, Safe, and Solid!!! And, I'm not talking about living in a underground bunker to avoid a tornado, or winning the lotto. I've never experienced any of those millon-to-1-odds, and I lived in Kansas for 54 years before finding the Ozarks. And, for the record the last time I gambled was in 1969 when DeVona and I went to Las Vegas to see Elvis in concert. During intermission, and on my way to the john, I plugged in a nickel slot and won $15.00 in nickel's. The same price my ticket was to see the King of Rock & Roll.

    Being luckly enough to be holding on to the steering wheel of KKOA since 1980, I'm seeing a noticeable surge worldwide in the young, 20-something, to mid-life 40-+ kustom enthusiast's diggin' on old school traditional kustomizing, or like Geno and Alan prints it in their hot selling rag, "ol' Skool Rodz", traditional rodding. The same style of hotrodding us Teen Angels of the 50's & 60's cut our teeth on.

    I'm talking about the young, strong, full of vim and vigor youth that's building kool rides in todays kustom autobody business's. Let me be a little more specific! The "traditional" kustom bodyshop business's. Good news, and they're springing up everywhere.

    As mentioned above, it makes me feel good that our world of autobody kustomizing has graduate's coming on board to carry on our colorful hobby, or go into business of one-off automotive art. After all that's what a kustom car or truck is. Art on wheels.

    Lets face reality, us 1940's, 50's & '60's teen angels can't live on forever. Bill Hines is forever-mortal, but for most of us we have to check-out sometime. And, to see the many younger kustomizers coming on the scene makes me feel "SECURE" that our beloved kustom world is growing "SAFER" day by day, and building to keep it "SOLID."

The KKOA feels so strong about the movement, that it wants to recognize those 21st Century kustom kats that's yielding a mig gun in one hand and a paint gun in the other. Plus we can't forget the young ink slingin' stripers, and ol' skool "ragmen" out there sewing those rolls and pleats, one roll at a time.

    Saaaaalute to each and everyone, and we here at KKOA want to hear from you! Let us know about you. Write us, email us, call us, tell us about your business. Send us pictures of your shop, or your project. We'll give freebe space available on this website,, and page space in our glossy, 32 page, full color Trendsetter magazine crammed with the latest traditional hotrod & kustom news stuff. Like the inside-cover page in a recent Trendsetter profiling 30 year old Aaron Lawrence and his Fast AL's Upholstery shop in Dewey, Oklahoma. Want REAL rolls & pleats, go AL's.

    KKOA makes no bones about it, it wants to expose you kats and kittens to get the word out about your kustom or kool dress culture business. Traditional hotrodding is hot, hot, hot, and guys & gals everywhere are hungary to get their kemps kustomized, or dress hip.

    Along with any insurgence those who create it are generally tagged something kool, or un-kool to some. Can't make everybody happy. In the 1950's a sampling of hip handles was, "Auto Body Kustomizers", Kustom Krafters, "Bondo Bandits" or "Ragmen" who did upholstery. For most it was just plain ol' "Kustomizers." Some spelled kustom with a "C", but George and Sam Barris spelled it with a "K", and just like their kustoms it's a one-off word, which fits KKOA just fine. For the record, "Kemp" is a one-off word coined in the late 1950's in southern California.

    Over in the street rod world, they've tagged their young builders "Young Guns." That's kool, so howz about "Atomic Kats & Kittens" for our world, or better yet "Atomic Kustom Kats?" Maybe Atomicheads to cover both species. Atomic is a traditional 50's word that means powerful and winning at almost anything. Just ask anyone who lived in Japan at the end of World War 11.

    I'm sure you get the point if you fit the Atomic category. And you must, or you wouldn't be checkin' out this website. Just know we here at KKOA, and its members worldwide appreciate each and everyone of you for your effort to keep traditional hotrodding alive and strong. Keep the kustom faith guys and gals. - Jerry Titus - KKOA President

Posted: April 3, 2014
Calling All Of America's
Hottest & Koolest Ladies!!!
Kustom Kemps Of America

34th Leadsled Spectacular

Two(2)Age Group Beauty Contest's!

Two (2) $1,000 Cash Contests!
...4th Annual...
50's Retro or Cowgirl Dress Code
Pin-Up Contest
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July 25-26-27-'14


Posted: April 1, 2014

(America's Top Kustom)
2013 Leadsled Spectacular

The highest level award the KKOA presents to a deserving builder/owner is the "777 Custom Crown Award." Given annually, since 2003, at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular.         It's a one-off, kustom hand-built, giant, 22" x 22" square base, 22" high, 50-+ pound, walnut and acrylic trophy, built by the late Bob Wheeler. A beautiful, and meaning work of art.
    Last July, at the Leadsled Spectacular, Icon Kustomizer, Gene Winfield won the contest to earn his 6" x 2" name tag plate on the coveted 777 trophy. Gene did it with his re-build of the kustomized Econoline Truck he originally built for the Ford Motor Company Custom Car Caravan back in the early 60's, that he than tagged the "Pacifica." Chrysler didn't introduce their "Pacifica SUV" until 2004-or '05. Again, another example of kustomizers leading the way.
    Congratulation's to Mr. Winfield, and following tradition he was also presented $1,000.00 for his outstanding accomplishment.

*Editor's Note: The 777 trophy rests at the KKOA Clubhouse 358 days a year, and the other seven it's enroute (to & from), to be on display @ the Leadsled Spectacular. It's still waiting on a gracious tax deduction donor/sponsor to step up to the plate and say "Let's build the KKOA Hall of Fame & Museum facility." A KKOA dream that been on the table since it started in 1980. A goal that can hopefully happen someday, and give our beloved kustom world a lasting legacy to enjoy and visit.

2014 Leadsled Spectacular
July 24-25-26-27, '14
Salina, Kansas

America's Hotrodding Playground

Are You Ready For Something Kool?
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JULY 24-25-26-27, '14
34th Annual
Vintage Bicycle Spoketacular
Retro Model Car & Truck Spectacular
Retro Pin-Up Girl Contest
Swap Meet - Commercial Vendors
Spectacular Cruise Night - R & R Concert
Street Parties - Hangin' @ Cozy Burger
Over 1,800 Entries Last Year!
"America's Traditional Hotrodding Playground"
Salina Snooze Pads - Book Early
Ramada Inn (Event Headquarters)
1616 W. Crawford (785)-823-1739
Candlewood Suites
2650 Planet Ave, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 823-6939
Quality Inn & Suites
2110 W Crawford St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 825-2111
Rodeway Inn
1846 N 9th St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-0356
Country Inn & Suites
2760 S. Ninth ., Salina, KS (785) 827-1271

Courtyard by Marriott
3020 Riffel Dr., Salina, KS (785) 309-1300
Travelers Lodge
245 S Broadway Blvd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-9351
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
755 W Diamond Dr, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 404-3300
Hampton Inn Salina
401 W Schilling Rd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 823-9800
BEST WESTERN PLUS Midwest Inn & Suites
745 W Schilling Rd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 493-9800
Ambassy Motel
217 S Broadway Blvd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 825-7265
Comfort Inn & suites
2760 S. 9th, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-1271
Comfort Suites
715 W, Shilling Rd., Salina, KS 67401 (404) 6944
1820 W Crawford St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 826-1711
America's Best Value Inn
2403 S 9th St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-5511
Motel 6 Salina
635 W Diamond Dr, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-8397
Econo Lodge
1949 N 9th St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 825-8211
Super 8
705 W Schilling Rd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 404-2771
Super 8 on I-70
120 E, Diamond Dr. Salina, KS 67401 (823) 8808
Days Inn (near I-70)
407 W Diamond Dr, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 823-9791
Days Inn (near I-135)
632 Westport Blvd., Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-9315
Knights Inn
632 Westport Blvd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-9315
Best Inn
1220 W North St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 452-9666
Budget King Motel
809 N Broadway Blvd, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-4477
Country Inn & Suites By Carlson Salina
2760 S 9th St, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 827-1271
America's Best Inn
429 W Diamond Dr, Salina, KS 67401 (785) 825-2500

Tradhuset and Vetehuset
Three furnished vacation lodging's
kitchens, washer and dryer,
bathrooms,covered parking.
Lindsborg, Kansas, 20 min. S. of Salina.
Website:, Ph.: 720-341-1188


Lets Git Together In The Fall!
SEPTEMBER 26-27-28, '14
17th KKOA
*Hotrodding Old & Traditional*
Vintage Bicycles-Kick-Stand Kool
Retro Model Cars & Trucks
Cowgirl Pin-Up Beauty Contest
Swap Meet - Commercial Vendors
Cruise Night - Rockin' Jambore
Event Headquarters:
Best Western Texhoma - 903-327-8883, $72.99 + tax
"On the Oklahoma - Texas Red River Border"

--- 1-Big Weekend, 4-Giant Events ---
Fri. & Sat. Show & Shine & Mercury Ring of Honor @ Downtown Forest Park
Sat. Night Rock & Roll Jamboree 
info. KKOA (417) 847-2940
Headquarters Motel: Best Western Texoma Hotel & Suites 903-327-8883,
$72.99 + tax Rate. Be sure to mention you're with th KKOA car show. 
Hoss! It Just Don't Get Any Better. See'Ya In Denison.


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