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Posted: 8-19-16

Dig on the kool contests in Denison, Texas!

Sept. 29, 30-Oct. 1, @ the


bluestar.gifstar.gifH o t r o d d i n Gstar.gifbluestar.gif 


Try the Slow Drags, & see how slow you can go.

Look & be  kool in the Koolest Cruiser Contest.

How low can you go in the Kemp-A-Go-Low?

 Be scary at the Koolest Halloween Party.

Info. (417) 847-2940, 


Posted: 8-15-16

Calling all kool Pinup chick’s, 18-39,

& Lady Looker’s 40-+ years old!

Why not go for the KKOA

Hotrodding Hullabaloo

Beauty Contest’s?

$250.00 cash to (2) age groups.

$125-1st, $75-2nd, $50-3rd.

Sat. 8:p at the kool Rialto Theater,

October 1., Denison, Texas.

Info. (417) 847-2940



Posted: Aug. 12, ‘16

Coming at’ya like a flaming comet

With 3-deuces on a flattie mill!

Kustom Kemps Hotrodding Hullabaloo


Pre-Halloween Party

Denison, Texas. Sept. 29-30-31

All Kool Daddy-O’s & Dungaree Dolls will dig it.

Info. KKOA (417) 847-2940


Posted - August 3, 2016



bluestar.gifstar.gifH o t r o d d i n Gstar.gifbluestar.gif 




September 30 & October 1-2 -'16

bluestar.gifHeld In Conjunction With The star.gif29th Annual bluestar.gif



Main street Fallfest 

bluestar.gif20,000 + SPECTATORSbluestar.gif


Just (2) Short Blocks North Of The

bluestar.gifH o t r o d d i n G HULLABALOO  Forest Park bluestar.gif

bluestar.gifSPECTATOR’S - ALWAYS FREE!bluestar.gif

A Weekend to Relive the ol’ School of Yesteryear!

Check-out  Hopped-up Hotrods - Chopped-Top-Leadsleds - Live D.J.

Low-down Kustoms - Rock-a-Billy Kemps - $30.00 Swap/Vendor Space

Mercury Ring Of Honor - Vintage Bicycle Stampede  - Pin Stripers

Model Car Ring  of Honor - Big 3 Shoot-out (GM-Ford-Mopar)

El Vampire, the Wicked Queen & Casper the Ghost

Is Inviting You To A

Friday Nite Fright

Pre-Halloween Costume Party

 Koolest Cruiser, Kemp-A-Go-Low - & - Slow Drags Contests

Good Rockin Saturday night

Concert @ the Rialto Theatre!  

 Friday eve. Cruise-In @ Watson Drive-In on Main

Hangin' w/Pals & Gals - Commercial Vendor Spaces

Mini-Merc Treasure Hunt - So Fine-9-Awards

Swap Meet Spaces - Denison Cheerleader Award Picks 

$250 Pinup & $250 Lookers Beauty ContestS

Two Age Groups! bluestar.gifPinups 18-39,  bluestar.gifLooker’s 40-+ 

Black heart (cards)Saturday Oct. 1, @ the Rialto Theatre - 8:pm Black heart (cards)

Return with us to those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

Real Rodding on the Texas-Oklahoma Red River Border.

Never forget, Buddy Holly was a Texan. Rave on.

Event Info.:,

Email info.:, KKOA Facebook

bluestar.gifHeadquarters Motel: Best Western Texoma - (903) 327-8883 bluestar.gif


19th Gathering Of Traditional Hotrodding

On The Texas-Oklahoma Border…Be therrre



If you're a current KKOA member you can advertise your kustoms for sale on-line, for free. All we need is your ad/photo e-mailed to us at,, and we'll place it on-line in less then 48 hours (most of the time within 24 hours). Also, if you want a picture with your ad, simply scan it in jpeg format and send it w/your ad. Or, if you want to U.S. Mail us a ad w/photo we'll get it on as soon as we get it. Non-KKOA members can also place a ad w/a picture for only $10 per ad, w/a photo.
All ads will run for a minimum of 30 days, or longer w/space available. For even quicker service, Visa, or Mastercard is accepted on either of our security-safe membership page, or events page of this website. Once on, in the bottom "comment" box, simply type in "Ad for 4-Sale Page." Mailing by postal service send to: KKOA 26 Main St., Cassville, MO. 65625. Additional info. can be obtained by calling KKOA at: (417) 847-2940

Extra bonus! All ads received will also be placed in the next immediate issue of the Trendsetter magazine that's mailed to every KKOA member.

To see what's currently for sale,
go to the "4-Sale" page of this website.

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