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Posted 2-23-18


Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA)

America’s Oldest Consecutive Running

Kustom Car & Truck Association,

Established October 1, 1980

26 Main Street, Cassville, MO. 65625

 Ph.: (417) 847-2940 - Fax: (417) 847-3647 



Tire-Kickin’ from

KKOA President Jerry Titus

"A creative person is motivated

by the desire to achieve,

not by the desire to beat others.”


February 23, 2018



Hi Fellow member’s of KKOA, past, present, and never joined yet. Since you’ll see the flyer below, I need not tell you that this is super exciting news to share with you. News that I hope you will consider passing the word around, and most importantly supporting this event.

Due to the fact that there is so many different styles of car and truck related show events, it’s tough to find a location site for KKOA to stage an event at. We here at KKOA respect all other car events and will not book on top of, or close to events like KKOA projects. It’s just not the KKOA way.

With that said, I’m happy to announce that KKOA has secured a small, but kool town in the beautiful smokey mountains of N. Carolina, called Maggie Valley. A kool kustom name, like Kustom Kemps. And, the grassy Festival Grounds show site looks like it’s kustom built for all pre-1969 knock-out kool kustoms, leadsleds, and hotrods to cruise around in and hang-out on.

It gets even better with a big nice stage for concerts, contests, and awards, a food concession stand, permanent restrooms, and lots of electric for vendors. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to get a room at the Comfort Inn, (828) 926-9106, that’ll be the event headquarters, it’s only a 100 yards from the Festival grounds. There’s also other mom & pop lodging’s in Maggie Valley, and just (8) miles down the road is Waynesville, N. C., a nice size town.

Check out Maggie Valley on your map, or computer, it’s on the border of N. Carolina and Tenn., surrounded by lots of big and little towns and cities. Example: 31 miles from Ashville, N.C., 27 from Gatlinburg, Tenn., 31 from Pigeon Forge, Tenn. and Dollywood. Lodging is a big deal in the area due to so many vacationer’s.

 Also, Maggie Valley is home to the “Wheels Through Time Museum”, filled with the worlds premier collection of rare American Vintage motorcycle’s.

 KKOA is proud to be in Maggie Valley, and hope to remain there for year’s to come. We are also on a fantastic spring weekend of the year, (May 18-19), Fri. & Sat. Like any event it’s only as successful as the stars of the event who come and support it, and hopefully like it. These stars being the owners of mild-to-wild kustomized cars and trucks, the traditional tail-draggin’ chopped-top leadsleds, and the wind in your face hotrod roadsters, coupe’s and sedans. Real hotrodding in it’s purist form. Hope you can make it.


Check the “EVENTS” link of this website, to enter via Visa/Mastercard. If you need any additional information, (event activities, lodging No.’s, etc.), don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help. (417)-847-2940. We’re also on Kustom Kemps Facebook. Kruise’em easy Jerry 





Posted: 1-12-18

Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA)

Feature Attraction  3rd Annual  Feature Attraction 




July 27th
and 28th

, Kansas



Held Inside The Air Conditioned

Saline County Expo Center and Kenwood Hall

(500 ft. from the “KKOA Leadsled Spectacular” at Oakdale Park)

The name says it all! Reliving the

 life style & times of yesteryear!

It's your opportunity to sell vintage items of days gone by!

Vintage Home Interior, exterior furnishings, lamps, lights, rugs, pictures, etc.

Outdoor Architectural Salvage,  windows, porch posts, fencing, statue’s, shutters, etc.

Clothing, dress’s, boot’s, shoe’s, Jewelry, etc., Colored bathtubs, sinks, stools, etc.

Western Furniture, Victorian decor, radio’s, etc.,  Mid Century Furniture & Decor,

Books, Magazines, clocks, automobile parts, patio furniture, watch’s, Anything Old!


 Pre-Entry BOOTH SPACE! 10’ x 10’

$40.00, (Each Additional Space) $35.00

Entering At the show! 10’ x 10’

$45.00,  (Each Additional Space) $40.00  

1st come, 1st serve space’s. Entries accepted at the door w/space available.

Electric outlets free and available on first come first serve basis.

Marketplace Move-In Day: Thur. July 26, 7:am,…Move Out: 5pm Sat. July 28th

  Show Hours: Fri. 9a-5p, Sat. 9a-5p (No Sunday), Vendors can get in at 8:am

General Public Admission $1.00

FREE spectator admission to all registered armband entrant’s of the

Leadsled Spectacular. 

Vintage Marketplace Director: Barbara Young Cell: 785-452-5272

Info. KKOA, 26 Main, Cassville, MO 65625-9400,  Phone: 417-847-2940

E-Mail:, Web: 

….Held In Conjunction With….

Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA)

38th Annual LEADSLED


 Oakdale Park, Salina, Kansas - July 26-27-28-29, ’18

Salina’s Biggest and Koolest Outdoor Ol’ School Hotrodding Event! 

Thousands’s of Spectators!

Thanks For Re-purposing The Vintage & Retro Days Craze!

Posted 12-5-17

American Graffitti!

If you dig ol’ school!

Why Not Go Back To a REAL Ol’ school!!!

Kustom Kemps Of America

smalbluestar.png38th LEADSLED SPECTACULAR smalbluestar.png

& Run-What’ya-Brung-Drags

smalbluestar.pngJuly 26-27-28-29,  2018 smalbluestar.png

2__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.pngSalina, Kansas 3__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.png

(America’s Hotrodding Playground)

smalbluestar.pngOver 2,000 Entrants-in-2017 smalbluestar.png

Open to all Pre-’69 hopped-up Hotrods,

chopped, channeled, and dropped Kustoms,

Pre-’70 New Concept Customs, (NCC)

Tire Spinning Drag Machines,  Vendors

4__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.png$5,000 in Award’s 5__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.png$1,000 Top Kustom Award smalbluestar.png

Retro bicycles, Model Cars, Downtown Cruise

6__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.png(2) $1.000, 2-Age Group smalbluestar.png

smalbluestar.pngPin-Up Beauty Contests - 18-39, and 40-+ 

Home Decor/Flea Market Spectacular

Pre-’69 Hotrods & Kustoms “ONLY” Auction

8__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.pngOne Night With ELVIS Concert 9__#$!@%!#__smalbluestar.png

Be a Real Gone Kat & Don’t Play Hooky.

Or You Might Miss This 50’s & 60’s Trip!

417-847-2940 - Kustom Kemps Of 


KKOA Facebook




If you're a current KKOA member you can advertise your kustoms for sale on-line, for free. All we need is your ad/photo e-mailed to us at,, and we'll place it on-line in less then 48 hours (most of the time within 24 hours). Also, if you want a picture with your ad, simply scan it in jpeg format and send it w/your ad. Or, if you want to U.S. Mail us a ad w/photo we'll get it on as soon as we get it. Non-KKOA members can also place a ad w/a picture for only $10 per ad, w/a photo.
All ads will run for a minimum of 30 days, or longer w/space available. For even quicker service, Visa, or Mastercard is accepted on either of our security-safe membership page, or events page of this website. Once on, in the bottom "comment" box, simply type in "Ad for 4-Sale Page." Mailing by postal service send to: KKOA 26 Main St., Cassville, MO. 65625. Additional info. can be obtained by calling KKOA at: (417) 847-2940

Extra bonus! All ads received will also be placed in the next immediate issue of the Trendsetter magazine that's mailed to every KKOA member.

To see what's currently for sale,
go to the "4-Sale" page of this website.

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