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 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer

Posted: 9-1-15

        I’m baaaack, like it or lump it. Never could figure out that famous phrase. Lump what? Maybe a lump of sugar! My dog likes me. Anyhow, I had a good weekend and got to hang-out with some of my hotrod and kustom buddies. But, I’m now back in the barrel, doin’ my kooless to get the news out about the shindig KKOA is thrown’ down in Denison Texas, Sept. 25-27th.

          First, I got’ta tell’ya about a email I got from a guy, or could’ve been a gal, who took one of my hot news release’s and corrected all the miss-steak spelling, and my punch-you-way-shun marks. Can you imagine that? And he, or she never signed off on it. Huh! Must be some stiff-collared kat, or kitten, with a degree in Politicly Correctness. I feel sorry for’em. Nuff time and space wasted on Mr., or Ms. P. C., lets git down to business! Yow, I know you don’t spell get,...git, but for me, it just comes naturally. Have’ya read any “text’s” lately?

          Question! How many of you got wrapped up in the limbo craze during the Fab 50’s? Talk about a work-out. I first ran into,…under it when Chubby Checker hit the charts with “Limbo Rock.” The whole country went nuts over it. Now, keeping that thought in mind, think about doing it with your kemp!!! KKOA did it many,..many moon’s ago, and it was one of our most popular contests. And you wouldn’t believe how serious some kemper’s took it. Some would even let guys lay all over their kemps just to get it lower,…not the koolest scene, but competition comes in different forms.

          At KKOA we’ve tagged it “Kemp-A-Go-Low”, and the game rules is simple! We set-up two poles on the street, with a cross-bar, and you see if you can drive under it. After all the kemps make a pass under, we lower it a notch, and they continue on until we have a winner who goes the lowest. At the last it gets kinda hairy. That means “close” for you-know-who’s reading this. Now, I didn’t say “Squares.”

          Anyhow, That’s how it’s done, and we’ll be doin’ it on Crawford Street next to the show park on Saturday. Heck, we might even set-up the poles in the park, and let DJ Eddie Valen organize a “People-A-Go-Low” Limbo Contest. Hey Mr. Stiff Collar, or Ms. P. C., how low can you go?  Lighten up, and lets have a good time in Denison, Sept, 25-27. As Edd “Kookie” Byrnes would say, “It’s like the ginchest man.” I’ll be back around in two days - Slade



 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer
Posted: Saturday  8-29-15
Howdy, I’m back again, and if you’re an All American Boy, like me, ya’got’ta dig good lookin’ chicks, no matter what age they, or you are, if you’re a guy. For “Square’s” who might be reading this, “Chicks” are girls. And, if you’re a Square, your like no where man. So go ahead, blow your radiator cap, I don’t care.
Back to business. We’re going to have a couple of Beauty Contests in Denison, Texas, @ the 18th Hotrodding Hullabaloo, Sept. 25-26-27, and we’ve got some serious dough-ray-mee to throw against’em. $500-smackers to be exact. 500-big-ones busted up between six winners.
I better explain that a lil’ more! There’ll be two, (2) age beauty contest’s. One for Pin-up chicks 18-39, and one for 40-+,Lookers,…my kinda age category. Thanks to KKOA for recognizing the need. I get turned on by Dolly, and Raquel Welch, not young’in’s who can be my grand-daughter. I’m over my first hill, and lost in the 50’s and, I’ll love my grand-daughter forever, like a grand-daddy should.
Pin-up style/dress was the hot scene in the 1940’s, and the Queen of Pinup’s was the kool Bettie Paige. Movin’ on to the 1950’s was Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Liz Taylor, Kim Novak, and even Cowgirl queens like Dale Evans, and Doris “Calamity Jane” Day. Strange coho!!! Bettie Paige & Dale Evans!!! I don’t get the connection. The only tattoo brand Dale has is on her horse “Buttermilk”!!! But, whatever flips your trigger. Not that Trigger,…movin’ on
As for the Lookers category, it has no dress code era/limits, ‘cept it makes scene to start it in the 70’s disco era, and goes all the way up to current 2015 dress style. Take your pick. Ok, I’ll take the era of Bert Parks. Best known as the long-time host of the Miss America Pageant, 1954 - 1979. I’ve been told by a reliable sourse that cowgirl dress is HOT,…hot,….hot. Suits me? “Miss Kitty”, was a saloon girl, and she rode side-saddle, and she may not a cowgirl like you think, but she’ll always be hot to me. And, she would get my vote, if I was a judge. But, that not likely.
What don’t suit me, personally, is the swimsuit situation! But, I’m not the boss. Just the piano player, so don’t shoot me. There’s No two-piece swimsuits allowed in any category. One piece suits is ok, but no bikini’s. Another situation that bugs me is, it’s not mandatory to wear a swimsuit in the contest’s, if a chick don’t want to. Ok, but I’m puzzled Mr. Boss-man!!! How’da’ya have a beauty contest, without swimsuits? Geeeish… I better shut-up, and drop it, or this could be my last hooray, and chance for a raise. 
Back to the distribution of the cash awards! There’ll be two contests, and three winners in each. 1st place winner, and 2nd & 3rd runner-ups. First wins $125, 2nd, $75, and 3rd $50. Every winner will get an award plaque to hang on the wall, plus on Sunday, all six winners will be Award Queens at the Hullabaloo Award Ceremonies in the park.
The Beauty contest’s will be held Saturday night (Sept. 26th), at the Rialto Theatre on Main in Denison, just a couple blocks north of the show & shine park. It’s a knock-out building that reeks with nostalgia that’ll put you in the twilight zone of hips-ville. Take my word on it, the best seats in the house is in the balcony.
Now, the got-a-do’s! “Guidelines” for Squares still reading this. Due to time scheduling, and advance preparation needed to make the contests work, entrants has go’a be pre-registered no later then September 23rd. Here it is in bold print! Entries will  not be accepted after Sept. 23rd, or at the show. Each Chick age group has a limit of 12 pre-entered entrants, 24 total. So entry early. Here’s the bad news! So I’ll do it in bold too. If there isn’t at least three pre-registered entrants for each age group by Sept. 23rd, there will be no contest’s. Ya’can’t have three winners without contestants but, there is a option! If either one of the two age groups does have three registered entrants by Sept. 23, it’ll be a go for that one.
So kool gals, if beauty contests are your bag, and you dig the spotlights, why not jump on the phone, and give DeVona a call here at the KKOA Clubhouse, (417) 847-2940. Or, go to the KKOA email hot-line: Or, talk to us (not me, someone @ KKOA), on the Kustom Kemp Facebook. They’ll be happy to email you a entry form, or get’ya signed up on line with Visa or Mastercard.
Thats it this round. I’ll be back in a couple of days with more stuff about the ol’ skool shindig KKOA is throwin’ on the red river border of Oklahoma and Texas. See’ya on the website, or in the funny papers as Red Skelton used to say. - Slade
Kustom Kemps Of America
Hotrodding Hullabaloo
(Texas Traditional Rod & Kustom Car & Truck Event)
DENISON, TEXAS - Sept. 25-26-27, ’15
*Two Age Group Beauty Contests!
*Two $250.00 Cash Contests!
Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)PinBlack heart (cards)UpBlack heart (cards)ContestBlack heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)
Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards) Open to Ladies 18-39 years Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)
* Please check if entering:_______
 Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)LookersBlack heart (cards)ContestBlack heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards) 
 Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards) Open to Ladies 40-+ years Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards) 
* Please check if entering:______

   $125 1st Place - $75.00 2nd Place - $50 3rd Place Black heart (cards) each age group
Hosted On Stage By
Branson Singer-Songwriter Eddie Valen 
 Contests - Sept. 26, '15, 8:pm, In conjunction with the 
Rialtio Theatre - Denison, Texas 



 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer

Posted: Wednesday 8-26-15

            BIG NEWS GANG! If you can’t get enuff of ELVIS, like me! Keep on reading. If not, stop now, and I’ll be back in a couple of days, with more breaking news about the up-coming Hotrodding Hullabaloo, coming at’ya in Denison, Texas, Sept. 25-26-27. Till then I’ll keep ramblin’ on about the “King” of koolness. 

            Yip, I’m a big Elvis fan. I seen the real Elvis five-times in concert, first time in Vegas, in ’69, at the Landmark Casino, and the last just before his passing in OKC. And, at each & every concert it was an experience like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. And, I’m speaking for the 1,000’s of other concert fans there. Few people got up and left the building,…once screaming girls sit crying,…it was like a ora of lost calm. Unexplainable…

            Looking back now, I feel his passing was meant to be! Maybe we were never to know how a old Elvis would look and act like. It’s a given, E. P. will remain not just the “King of Rock & Roll”, but the “King of Music” period. 

            To be right truthful, I didn’t dig Elvis the first few years of his career, and the reason why was my stupidity! I was jealous of the kat, because all the chicks flipped out over him!!! Typical moron mentality on my young behalf. But, it didn’t take me long to understand, that this rebel from Tupelo, Mississippi was a duck-tailed greaser, Kool Kat in flashy clothes, and was going against the grain of American culture. And, at the time, that fit this crew-cut, wanna-be kool teenager (me), to a “T.”

            If you were lucky enough to see, and experience a young Elvis on stage in the late 1950’s, you were lucky. Regretfully I was out of luck, but six years ago, at the 12th KKOA Denison show, the next thing to reality, became reality! KKOA booked a un-known, young, look-a-like Elvis kat, named VICTOR TREVINO Jr. A youngin’ that would go on to become one of the Top Five Elvis Tribute Artist’s in the world today. This crowned title was given, and is still backed-up by the Elvis Presley Enterprises Foundation. Plus, Vic has performed in every Legends In Concert Theatre in America (Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Foxwoods, Atlantic City, Branson, Hawaii). Played at Elvis’ Graceland, won numerous Elvis Tribute Artist Contests throughout the world, and just recently came off the “Elvis Lives Tour.” 

            Throughout his many famed accomplishments Victor has never forgot his roots of performing for the KKOA and has, since 2009, performed five times at different KKOA events. He digs kool cars, and kool rock-a-billy, just like the real rebel from Tupelo. Plus, like Elvis, he’s one polite, southern gentleman.

            Well, hold on to your “Impossible Dreams”, because Victor is coming back to Denison for a rocking’ ONE NIGHT WITH ELVIS tribute concert, at the nostalgic Rialto Theatre on Main Street Denison. September 26, 8:pm.

            Victor will be backed by the sensational Spinout Band, and the beautiful singing Spinettes (you’ll love ’em). And the show will be opened and M.C.ed by Branson, Mo. super singer, songwriter, Eddie Valen.

            E. P. fans, Vic is coming, and it’s your chance to see how a high energy, perfect image of the “King”, looked when he was winning over the world in the mid-late 50’s, & early 60’s. If you’re a true Elvis fan, and never seen the real “King”, just know you’ll experience a concert like nothing you’ll ever experience again in your lifetime. ONE NIGHT WITH ELVIS…dig it.

Saturday, September 26, 2015, 8:PM, 

Rialto Theatre, Denison Texas - Tickets just $20.00 ea.

          Seating is like the early Elvis concerts! First come first serve. Advance, Visa/Mastercard Tickets can be reserved by calling KKOA at: 417-847-2940, or buy’em at Watson Drive-In (cash only), in Denison, 631 W. Main, (903) 465-4669. Any seating availability left will be sold at the Rialto Theater, starting at 7:pm, Sat. Sept. 26.



 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer

Posted: Monday 8-24-15

            Welcome back hotrodders, I’m super high on breakin’ the news of this new attraction to the Hotrodding Hullabaloo in Denison, Texas September 25-27. It’s being tagged “America’s Big Three Kustom Kemps”, and salutes the Ford motor Company line up of Ford, Mustang, Mercury & Lincoln’s, General Motors, Chevy, Corvette’s, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac assembly-line kickers. And, the MOPAR line of Plymouth, Dodge, and Chrysler rides. 

            To cut it short, it’s the Formoco Roundup, GM Gathering, and Mopar Mavricks, and the KKOA gang will be searching for the “Big Three” “Koolest Kustom Kemps” of each motor company.

            Keeping with the KKOA event year break guidelines, all 1969 and older Big Three cars & trucks will be eligible to compete. All 1970 and newer must meet the KKOA criteria of being noticeably lowered, and featuring noticeable kustom body modifications, approved by a KKOA official.

            * Every entrant of the Hullabaloo, including winners of any other various contest’s will also be eligible for all of the Hullabaloo Awards given on Sunday (shown below).

          One Fine Nine (9), One Fine Motor, One Fine Interior, One Fine Paint, Denison Cheerleader Pick, Chamber of Commerce Appreciation Pick, KKOA Hall of Fame Pick, Koolest Cruiser Award, Retro “PIN-UP” Queen, First “PIN-UP” Runner-Up, Second “PIN-UP” Runner-Up, Lady “LOOKER” Queen, First “LOOKER” Runner-Up , Second “LOOKER” Runner-Up, Ol' Skool Hotrod Champ, Koolest of Kustoms, Slow Drag Champ, Mercury Ring Of Honor Champion, Profile Is Everything Award, Koolest Kemp In Denison. So a kat with a major kool kemp could possibly pack home a ton of gold, cause we don’t play politics at KKOA.

            As Porky Pig would end it, “ba-da,…ba-da,…that’s all folks.”  And, I’ll be back in a couple of days with more Hullabaloo news. More words of wisdom! “Don’t drink down-stream of the herd.” - Some people like me, some don’t. Take your pick, and see’ya soon. Slade




 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer

Posted: 8 -22 -15

            Hi Gang, couldn’t pass on Bob Seger’ big hit (Night Moves), to crank-up this up-date on Texas’s REAL HOTRODDING HULLABALOO in DENISON. Not Denton,…not Dallas…DENISON…geeish. Don’t be corn-fused, and pardon my hillbilly lingo. It just comes naturally. Denison is a typical America’s hometown sitting’ on the banks of the Oklahoma-Texas Red River border at the intersection of Hwy. 75 & 82. Home of Cotton Patch restaurant, hummm boy. Great place to eat,  and just a block from the Hullabaloo headquarters motel, the Best Western, that’s next door to Braums Ice Cream (I’m always hungry).

            Back to business! It’s Saturday, and I’m in the barrel poundin’ on these computer keys, missin’ my normal washin’ my kemp routine. But, I had to pass today and ask’ya, how kool can you cruise in your kemp? Better yet, how kool did you cruise your kemp in the fab 50’s, or swinging’ 60’s? If I lost’ya, you’re probably in the under-50 Atomic-head age group of KKOA kool kats. But, that’s kool, because there’s lots of us ol’ teen angels of the 50’s & 60’s that wish we were like you, now.

            Anyhow, think about cruising up and down Main St. America in your kemp, lookin’ in the big store windows, and boppin’ through the local burger drive-in to grab a burger and thick malt, or just to sit low in the seat and make a koool daddy-o pass through, to try and impress everyone, especially the high school cheerleader. Can’t forget the teen queens in their daddy’s 4-dr. stocker, tryin’ to catch the eye of the local football jock. Talk about the good-times. Life was innocent as Sandra Dee.

            Keep those moments in time, in mind, and know that you can do that again in Denison, no matter what age group you’re in. And, the best part is you can do it at an original, 1958 built hamburger drive-in. Honest Injun Kemosabe! The Watson Drive-In, on Main St. Denison is a untouched landmark of 50’s architecture, still run by a Watson, shovin’ out great burgers. How kool is that?

            Now comes the $64,000 question! How would you like to relive a typical Friday night of the 50’s in your souped-up Deuce roadster, or layin’ low Leadsled, or any kool kemp at Watson’s, and try for the crown of being the “Koolest Cruiser” of the night? You can, if you’re a Hotrodding Hullabaloo’er.

            My boss has tagged it the “KKOA Koolest Kruiser Kontest.”, and he’ll hog the microphone, and be the kat on the street that’ll ask the kemps to cruise up to’im and do some jaw-jackin’ with the driver about no tellin’ what. It’s ok to have your date, wife, or steady with’ya, or a buddy, or you can just be a Lone Wolf lookin’ for a one-niter. Get the point. Just have fun, and relive a typical night in the 50’s. You never know you might win something to hang on the wall.

            See’ya in a couple of days, and I’ll be loaded with more news about America’s REAL HOTRODDING HULLABALOO, comin’ Sept. 25-26-27. I’ll leave’ya thinkin’ about Gene Vincent’ late-50’s million seller, “Be-Bop-A-Lulu.” I dug the back-side too! “Woman Love, hey,…hey, Woman Love,”… Can’t forget them rockin’ “Bluecaps” too. - Slade,…still stuck in the barrel.



 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer

Posted: 8 -19 -15

            Hi Hep Kats and Kittens, thanks for tuning back in. It’s been a couple of days since I broke the news about no-mo-Sunday-drags at Denison’ regional airport during the Hotrodding Hullabaloo weekend in late September (25-26-27). And, I reckon nobody cares, cause nobody has chewed me out…yet. As they say, “Don’t shoot the piano player” (me), because all I am is the pastsy who has’ta report the bummer stuff.

But Wait!

There’ll be Drags In Denison!!!

SLOOOOOW Drags Daddy-O!!!

            And they won’t be at the airport, they’ll be on Crawford Street next to Forest Park where show & shine happens. Crawford Street!!! Huh, that’s the same name of the street in Salina, Kansas where we hold the Leadsled Spectacular drag races. Maybe it was meant to be. No matter, the Denison Crawford St. is about as wide as a drag strip, and it works like a champ. Because we did it last year, and it was a James Dean “GIANT” hit.

            Years, and years ago in Ft. Smith, Ark-kin-saw, at the KKOA Hangin’ Dice Nationals, we used to stage the Slooow Drags, and it was one of our koolest contest’s of the show. 

            What’a blast watching guys tune down there kemps, so they can creep to the 2x4 finish line and still roll over it. Two rules! You can’t kick it out of gear, or hit the brake pedal, and the last one over the finish line is the winner till they either get eliminated, or become the overall champ. The crowds dig it like a duck likes June Bugs.

            Got’ta cut it short, cause the guys are heading’ for the burger joint, and I got’a tag-a-long. So, like Bill Haley wailed, “See’ya Later Alligator.” Like in a day or two, say Friday. - Slade


 Jaw-Jackin’ From William “Slade” Derringer

Posted: 8-18-15

            As I write this it’s just over 30 days till the 18th KKOA Hotrodding Hullabaloo cranks-up for three days of traditional hotrodding mania in Denison, Texas. I’m talkin’ 80” lakers Daddy-O, low-down “mail-slot” tops, pin-striped dashboards, wide-whites hidein’ behind skirts, or black-walls surrounded by radius wheel wells, depending on what side of the Mississippi you cut your kustom teeth on. Six-deuces stacked on top of a Buick nailhead, hooked to a ’39 Ford floor-box, and Bo Diddley waillin’ from the AM push-button vibrasonic.

            Aaaah, I can’t wait to focus my peepers on the real world of 50’s & 60’s hotrodding in just a few days. And, the KKOA has added so many NEW vibs to the good-times in Denison this year, I’m flipped-out just thinking’ about it.

            But, I’m gonna have’ta keep’ya in suspense on’em till tomorrow, or the next day!!!…Ok, don’t overheat, ya got’ta wait till I git’er rit down. My greased finger nails can only type so fast. For now I’ll leave’ya with this just released HOT NEWS!!!

We’ve dumped the Drag Race’s In Dension,…Yaaaa!

            Yip, no-mo-drag-racin’ at the Hullabaloo. But wait!…That’s not true!!! I’ll git back to that in a day or two!!! Let me re-state It. No-mo-drags at the Denison airport this year! Two possible reasons why, cause I really don’t know why!

            1.They are having a big airplane shindig at the airport, and I speculate (50-cent word that means “think”), they don’t want us kool kats, in our head-turning rides down on the air strip, to take away from their air show over-head.

            Reason 2! If we can’t get help to make the drag strip safer for both racers and spectators, like the Salina Spectacular is set up, there’ll most likely not be any mo-drag-racin’ in Denison…ever.

            For those who dug the racin’, what a bummer. I personally dug’em, but I’m not the guy callin’ the shots. I’m just a wanna-be-writer with grease under my nails, and a longin’ for a chopped ’51 Merc. Like Fred Sanford used to say, “I feel the big one comin’ on.”

            That’s it gang for this round, the boss just told me to take out the trash, and go down to Nathan’s station and wash his ride. So, don’t give-up on me, I’ll be back here in a day or two with mo good news about the big round-up in Denison Texas, startin’ up September 25th. That’s this year for square’s out in la-la-land. Later - Slade



Posted 1–6-15

To help answer the many phone questions coming in, this will help!

Kustom Kemps Of America

and Run-What’ya-Brung-Drag-Racing

DENISON, TEXAS - SEPT. 25-26-27, 15
Traditional Hotrodding Is The Scene Here!

(Downtown Denison @ Forest Park next to Football Stadium)

Show Entry Fee required! Registration open to all 1969 & Older

Hotrods, Custom Cars & Trucks, Vans & Drag Racing Machines

Register @ the Best Western Texoma, Denison, Tx., Hwy 75 @ Exit 69

Show Hours: Fri & Sat. 9:a-5:p, Sun 9:a-12:noon

Show Free To Spectators

Friday Night Cruise-In @ Watson's Drive-In on Main St.

NEW this year! KKOA Koolest Cruiser Contest

Relive the 50's @ a original 50's hang-out. 6-9p

Rock & Roll Jamboree
Cowgirl, or Retro Pin-Up Beauty Contest
@ the Rialto Theatre (Main St. Denison), 8:pm

Live Musical Concert (TBA)
General Seating, (no reserve seats)

Doors open @ 7:p, show @ 8:p

Special second-half attraction on the same ticket!!!

$500 Pin-Up, and Lookers Beauty Contests
(2) age groups! 18-38 for the Pinups, and 40-+ for the Lookers
$125-1st…$75-2nd…$50-3rd…Ea. Age Group

All girls 18 & older eligible to enter. Info. KKOA 417-847-2940

Additional Information contact the KKOA at: (417)-847-2940,
email:, website:



If you're a current KKOA member you can advertise your kustoms for sale on-line, for free. All we need is your ad/photo e-mailed to us at,, and we'll place it on-line in less then 48 hours (most of the time within 24 hours). Also, if you want a picture with your ad, simply scan it in jpeg format and send it w/your ad. Or, if you want to U.S. Mail us a ad w/photo we'll get it on as soon as we get it. Non-KKOA members can also place a ad w/a picture for only $10 per ad, w/a photo.
All ads will run for a minimum of 30 days, or longer w/space available. For even quicker service, Visa, or Mastercard is accepted on either of our security-safe membership page, or events page of this website. Once on, in the bottom "comment" box, simply type in "Ad for 4-Sale Page." Mailing by postal service send to: KKOA 26 Main St., Cassville, MO. 65625. Additional info. can be obtained by calling KKOA at: (417) 847-2940

Extra bonus! All ads received will also be placed in the next immediate issue of the Trendsetter magazine that's mailed to every KKOA member.

To see what's currently for sale,
go to the "4-Sale" page of this website.

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