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Posted: 7-22-15


                Who don't dig old vintage bicycles? Maybe there's a few square's out there that don't, but for the majority those two wheel fat-tired pedal pushers have a soft-spot in American's heart. When you're mounted on that seat, holding on to the handle bars, you just removed 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years off your birth certificate. That feeling will never go away. And, it hasn't for many, because ol skool bicycling is making its mark in the 21 Century BIGTIME brother.

                For guys, when it comes to girl catchin’, a kool 50's Western Flyer beats a Corvette roadster every time. And a bicycle built for two is a automatic winner, no matter if you look like Frankenstien, or Pee Wee Hermon. Now if you're hitched, ridin' with the twinkle-in-your-eye to the local ice cream parlor, can set the stage for...well,...whatever later!

                So what are you waiting for? Why not whip upon a oldie but goodie, and join up with the many bicycle clubs poppin' up everywhere in God Bless America. Or, if you're a Lone Wolf, no club guy (or gal), why not pedal it to the up-coming 35th KKOA Leadsled Spectacular (L.S.), and hang out at the KKOA Bicycle Spoke-tacular with a few hundred other two-wheel fancier’s, or a three wheel ice cream trike. You won't be disappointed, just ask anyone who's been there since it became a big part of the Spectacular.

                To enter the Spoke-tacular, all you need to do is come to the KKOA L.S. headquarters motel, the Ambassador Inn, on west Crawford st. in Salina, Kansas, starting on July 23, and register your bicycle, and receive your No. and event passes.

                If you're planning on participating, don't miss riding your bicycle with the hotrods & kustoms in the SPECTACULAR CRUISE, Thursday eve @ 8:pm. on Santa Fe Avenue. 1,000's of sidewalk spectators. Talk About A Hoot!

                Entry fees are: First/One Bicycle: $10.00 (1- weekend pass), Second Bicycle: $8.00 (1- more weekend pass), Third Bicycle: $5.00 (1- more weekend pass), All Additional Bicycle's: $1.00 ea. (no passes), Swap Meet Space (20' X 40'): $25.00 (1-weekend pass, additional passes $5.00 ea.)

                For additional information, contact vintage bicycle connoisseur & event director Corey Conyer at this email address:  He'll be happy to help you.

                Additional Info.: KKOA, 26 Main St., Cassville, MO 65625-9400, Phone: (417) 847-2940, Fax: (417) 847-3647, Email:  Our staff will be happy to help.

Posted 6-10-’15


As we grow closer to blowing out the candles, and cuttin’ the cake on the 35th KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, current advance pre-entries are indicating another record breaking attendance.

As of this posting, this is the 11th straight year in a row, since moving the Leadsled Spectacular to Salina Kansas in 2005, that the event is breaking the previous year pre-entry count, BIG-TIME. Reason’s why is many!!! First & foremost, it’s the kool guys and gals of hotrodding, that’s built the foundation of the event from 600-+ in ’05, to 1,986 entrants last year. And all members of the KKOA gives a mega-size thanks to each and everyone for making it happen.

Can’t leave out mentioning the fantastic hometown hospitality support Salina residents dish’s out! They feel they’re hosting the super bowl of hotrodding. The unbelievably beautiful, tree-shaded, 26 acre Oakdale show park, and the kool cruisin’Santa Fe Ave. Plus, an original 1950’s nostalgia drag strip, the retro million dollar Steifel Theater where we stage our R & R Spectacular Concert. And, can’t forget chowin’ down a sack of burgers at Salina’s famed landmark, the famed Cozy Inn…yum,…yum. 

Cruisin’ in from California, super kustomizers, Bill Hines, Keith Dean, and usually we can count on Alex Gambino, will lower the lid on a ’57 Ford Ranchero at the KKOA Godzilla Garage, located smack-dab on the grounds of Oakdale Park. This is the Ranchero that’s currently being cloned as the kool kemp featured on the cover of the October 1958 Custom Cars Magazine, and in the recent KKOA Trendsetter magazine.

But the action doesn’t stop with the chop! The West Coast’s go-to-glass man, Paul Rick, aka: “The Glass Bender”, is coming to the Spectacular to cut the glass for the Ranchero just mentioned, and he’ll be coin’ it on site, after his kustom pals finish the metalwork. What a shop-class experience that’ll be to watch.

Paul, started his hotrodding career working on a drag racing team, before turning to auto glass work for the next 54 years. After more than a half-century he's done work for some of the biggest names in kustomizing! Dick, and Keith Dean, George Barris, Bill Hines, Gene Winfield, Chip Foose, and the late Boyd Coddington. Plus, Paul is one of the (9) nominee’s up this year for a possible induction into the KKOA Hall of Fame. Good luck to all nine, and well deserving to each and every one.

Hollywood royality! It’s a pleasure to announce that TV and Movie star’s, Cynitha Pepper and Kevin Dobson will be guests at the Spectacular to meet and greet fans and friends.

Cynitha was Elvis’s leading lady in the movie, “Kissin’ Cousins.” In 2002-2003, she also appeared in television documentaries about Presley’s life and recalled her own experiences with the King of Rock & Roll in a book she’ll have at the show. So, come visit with her, and bring your questions about the King of Rock & Roll.

Cynthia appeared in her own 1962 TV series, “Margie”, with co-star AA/F drag racing legend, Tommy Ivo as Margie’s boyfriend “Haywood Botts.” Other TV credits enclude: My Three Sons, 77 Sunset Strip, Wagon Train, The Addams Family and The Flying Nun with Sally Field. What a career for a good gal, and she’s still kool today.    

Everybody remembers the lollypop suckin’, TV detective, “Kojak”, portrayed by Telly Savalas. And, we all remember Kojak’s, younger partner, “Detective Bobby Crocker”, played by Kevin Dobson, who remained on the Kojak series for its entire run from 1973-’78, and the 1990 movie, Kojak: It’s Always Something.

After Kojak, Kevin landed the starring role of Patrick "Mack" MacKenzie on the long running TV series, “Knots Landing”, cast opposite Michele Lee, a role he played for eleven years. More TV & movie credits include: Mod Squad, Cannon and Daytime drama’s like, One Life To Live, Bold and the Beautiful, and Days of our lives. In the 1976 movie, Midway, he starred with Henry Fonda, and Charlton Heston.

Mr. Dobson, a former soldier, has served twice as chairman of the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, winning him the Silver Helmet Peace Award, and the American Legion Award. A big KKOA thanks for his service, and congrats on being married to his wife Susan since 1968.

 With this year being a double-anniversary occasion, for not just the Leadsled Spectacular, but also 35 years for the Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA), it’s gonna be a hum-dinger deluxe like no-other.

 And, what’s just been mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg that happens during the 4-day Spectacular. So why not give it a try, and see if it stacks up to what all the hoop-la is about. Or better yet, just ask a fellow hotrodder who’s been to a…LEADSLED SPECTACULAR,


COMING JULY 23-24-25-26, ’15


INFO.: KKOA, (417) 847-2940, Web:


More Spectacular Up-Date News Coming Next Week!


Posted: 6-8-’15

KKOA Hotrodding Hullabaloo No. 18

h__DENISON TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 25-26-27, 2015__h

h Pre-’69 Show Time Awards! h

h One Original,..One Favorite,..and (3) New Kool Kontest’s! h

            You’ve been askin’ for it and we’re happy to do it in Denison! After years of sitting on the shelf, KKOA is bringin’ back its original “Koolest Cruiser Contest”, and it’ll be held Friday night, Sept. 25th, at Watson’s Drive-In and you’re the stars. Guess who’ll be the man on the street? For details ask anyone who has seen or done it.

            So clean up your kemp, grease back your ducktail, grab your date and don’t be late, because sideline gawkers want to see how kool you cruised Main St. U.S.A. in the fab 50’s and swinging’ 60’s. If you weren’t lucky enough to live it, fake it. It’ll be a blast.

                Action @ the show grounds! It’s established that the coveted ’49-’51 “Mercury Ring of Honer” is an original Denison favorite, and always a cream pie attraction at the Hullabaloo. So to make the playing field fair for all kemp lovers, KKOA has decided to have all of the Big Three U.S. Automobile Companies share the same style honor!

            To make GM Hotrodders happy kempers, KKOA is introducing the “GM Gathering.” A salute to all Chevrolets, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Buicks, and Cadillac kemps, and let’em have a shot for the top “GM High Five” of the show. 

            Howz about a salute to the “Mopar Big-3 Maverick’s” (Plymouth, Dodge, and Chrysler), and the “Formoco Face Card Round-up” (Lincoln, Mercury and Ford). Both will be featured show attractions, and up for Top Category Awards. All Hotrodding Hullabaloo entry’s are eligible to compete for the top honor’s.

            Webster’s describes a Maverick as “a independent individual who does not go along with a group or party”, otherwise a kustom kat. Face Card categories are King and Jack, and we’ll let the Queens and Jokers of KKOA do the pickin’. So bring’em on and lets have a good time in the BIG D, and we don’t mean Dallas. 

h__DENISON TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 25-26-27, 2015__h

It’ll Grease Your Ducktail & Rumble Your Pipes!


Text: DeVona @ KKOA

Hey girls, we're getting lots of interest in the (2) $1,000 Beauty Contests, so without further a do here's the "facts & nothin' but the facts", as Jack Webb on the TV hit show “Dragnet” use to say!!!

Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA)


July 24-25-26, 2015 - Salina, Kansas

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Pin Up, or Lookers Beauty Contest's. KKOA has been presenting these contests in conjunction with its 1940's, 50s,and 60's style hotrodding events for several years in Kansas, Wisconsin and Texas with overwhelming success. The Lookers contest is new this year due to popular request. Each contest will have a $1,000 cash purse, split into three cash awards. $500, $300, $200.

These contests are being held & judged on Fri, and Sat. for all contestant's, and Sun. for the six winners. The contests will be held on the Main Stage of Oakdale Park in Salina, Kansas, as part of the annual KKOA Leadsled Spectacular hotrodding show weekend (always the last fri. Sat. & Sun. of July). Show hours: 9:am-5:pm, Fri. & Sat., 9:am-1:pm Sun. The Beauty Contests start around noon.

A Pin-Up & Lookers Meet & Greet tent booth will be set-up for contestants, prior to the contest times each day, to meet the general public, and for show car owners who may ask you to pose by their cars or trucks. Keep in mind that national newsstand magazine editor's will be covering the event, and shooting lots of pictures.


Pin-Up Contestant's  must be between 18 through 39 years of age,

and dress reminiscent of the 1940's-'50's & early '60's, Pin-up & or Cowgirl era.

Lookers Contestant's  must be 40 - + years of age (no limit),

and dress reminiscent of the 1970's retro era through current year dress code.

First and Foremost be assured that this is a beauty contest, and not a burlesque show.

KKOA has proudly produced hundreds of family oriented hotrodding events for 35 years. ___________________________________________________________________________

Contestants will be organized & hosted by Merideth Highsmith (former pin-up contestant), and you will be introduced on by the host MC, Eddie Valen, to come on stage and make a posing parade pass around the stage. He will then ask each girl 4-5 non-political questions! Example: Who is your favorite singer, and why?, or your favorite movie, favorite American state or town, favorite sports, TV or Movie star, favorite car or truck of show, etc. (Helpful hint! Remember the era you're depicting). Eddie is a 100% gentleman, friendly, and a professional Las Vegas, Branson, and Casino singer/songwriter/entertainer, and he will make you feel very comfortable while on stage.

 For your convenience there is a shared, a/c cooled, dressing room available back stage, prior to show-time. Shown Below is the judging criteria for the judges to consider and grade by.


Criteria was created by Carmen Orlowski, Pin-up Host for the KKOA contest in Wisconsin.

Judge's will be grading each contestant based on the below six categories. Each contestant will be scored on a 1-10 scale (no decimal points) with 10 being the best score. Individual categories will be tallied and the winner determined by who has the most total points. In case of a tie, the ‘Overall Impression’ category will be used as the tie breaker.

Sample KKOA Judging Card!

ENTRANT NAME____________________________________________No.____________

1.____HAIR/MAKEUP – Is hair/makeup well done and reminiscent of the era contest entered?

2.____OUTFIT – Pin Up Dress code can be retro like Betty Grable or Marilyn Monroe, or Cowgirl style like Annie Oakley, or Patsy Cline. Lookers can dress 70's disco, hip '80's & 90's, or current 21st century style.

                Is outfit well put together and reminiscent of the contest era, and appropriate? Full 50's, through current year style bathing suits suitable. (points will be subtracted for exposed belly buttons, exposed garters/bras, extra short mini-skirts or lingerie…(most likely this would be seen ahead of time and contestant would be asked to change). Remember it's a family friendly contest.

3.____STAGE PRESENCE/POISE – Does the contestant carry herself well and with confidence on stage?

4.____POSES – Did the contestant remember to do all 3 poses? Were the poses classy, unique and of the era appropriate? Did she hold the poses long enough and confidently? (points will be subtracted if contestant lifts skirt to show garter or exposes herself in any way)

5.____PERSONALITY/QUESTION-ANSWER – Was the contestants answer thoughtful and unique and did her personality shine through as opposed to just a generic answer? (points will be detracted for any vulgarity)

6.____OVERALL IMPRESSION – Take all the categories into consideration and give a overall score.

Additional info. call: DeVona @ KKOA, (417) 847-2940, email:

Good Luck, be kool, and look kooool. - KKOA

Posted 1-6—15

Please be sure and tell them you’re booking for the Kustom Kemp Car Show to receive the good rates!
Area Code is: (785)  Click Here for The complete listing of Hotels, Motels
For additional info. call KKOA @ (417)-847-2940

Spring and Summer

are comin’ down the pike, and before you can french your head-lights

the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the

Kustom Kemps Of America

Leadsled Spectacular


Run-What’ya- Brung-Drags


$2,000 - 2 age group (18-39 and 40-+)

PIN-UP, & LOOKERS Beauty Conests!

 will be knockin’ at your front door.

Tons of sun and fun are on the docket,

so write it on the garage wall,

save your coins, and be in

Salina, Kansas

July 23-24-25-26, ’15

America’s Hotrodding Playground!

So Big It Takes Two Giant Park Facilities,

SantaFe Ave. & the Stiefel Theatre to Hold It!


for helping to make the SPECTACULAR live up to it’s name.

And, for supporting the kool world of HOTRODDING.

1,900-+ Entrants in 2014Will it reach 2,000-+ in 2015?

Long live Flathead Mills & Shoebox Sleds

Additional Information contact the KKOA at: (417)-847-2940,
email:, website:


Posted 1–6-15

To help answer the many phone questions coming in, this will help!

Kustom Kemps Of America

and Run-What’ya-Brung-Drag-Racing

DENISON, TEXAS - SEPT. 25-26-27, 15
Traditional Hotrodding Is The Scene Here!

(Downtown Denison @ Forest Park next to Football Stadium)

Show Entry Fee required! Registration open to all 1969 & Older

Hotrods, Custom Cars & Trucks, Vans & Drag Racing Machines

Register @ the Best Western Texoma, Denison, Tx., Hwy 75 @ Exit 69

Show Hours: Fri & Sat. 9:a-5:p, Sun 9:a-12:noon

Show Free To Spectators

Friday Night Cruise-In @ Watson's Drive-In on Main St.

NEW this year! KKOA Koolest Cruiser Contest

Relive the 50's @ a original 50's hang-out. 6-9p

Rock & Roll Jamboree
Cowgirl, or Retro Pin-Up Beauty Contest
@ the Rialto Theatre (Main St. Denison), 8:pm

Live Musical Concert (TBA)
General Seating, (no reserve seats)

Doors open @ 7:p, show @ 8:p

Special second-half attraction on the same ticket!!!

$500 Pin-Up, and Lookers Beauty Contests
(2) age groups! 18-38 for the Pinups, and 40-+ for the Lookers
$125-1st…$75-2nd…$50-3rd…Ea. Age Group

All girls 18 & older eligible to enter. Info. KKOA 417-847-2940



Entrance on Hwy. 289, S. of Pottsboro, Tx. 

Registered Entrants of the Hotrodding Hullabaloo race free
Additional Information contact the KKOA at: (417)-847-2940,
email:, website:



If you're a current KKOA member you can advertise your kustoms for sale on-line, for free. All we need is your ad/photo e-mailed to us at,, and we'll place it on-line in less then 48 hours (most of the time within 24 hours). Also, if you want a picture with your ad, simply scan it in jpeg format and send it w/your ad. Or, if you want to U.S. Mail us a ad w/photo we'll get it on as soon as we get it. Non-KKOA members can also place a ad w/a picture for only $10 per ad, w/a photo.
All ads will run for a minimum of 30 days, or longer w/space available. For even quicker service, Visa, or Mastercard is accepted on either of our security-safe membership page, or events page of this website. Once on, in the bottom "comment" box, simply type in "Ad for 4-Sale Page." Mailing by postal service send to: KKOA 26 Main St., Cassville, MO. 65625. Additional info. can be obtained by calling KKOA at: (417) 847-2940

Extra bonus! All ads received will also be placed in the next immediate issue of the Trendsetter magazine that's mailed to every KKOA member.

To see what's currently for sale,
go to the "4-Sale" page of this website.

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